S2 Episode 54 – ‘Sometimes He’s Bold, Sometimes He’s Not’

 On this week’s show, the boys have a non spoiler discussion about Black Panther, Star Trek: Discovery and The Orville. Plus, there is talk of

S2 Episode 53 – ‘I Wanna Be Riding On Cowboys’

 On this week’s show, Salty goes off sick as Nick and Pete dissect the Superbowl trailers. Plus, there is talk of Tom Cruise, The Rock,

S2 Episode 52 – ‘Is This What It’s Like To Be Rich?’

 On this week’s show, the boys welcome Jake & Dan from The Hive Gaming as their special guests. They get excited over Soul Calibur 6

S2 Episode 51 – ‘I’m Sorry I Forgot You’

 On this week’s show, the boys go spoiler heavy on Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Black Mirror Season 4. Plus, there is talk of

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Level-Clear Plays – Cuphead

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John leaves Level-Clear. Thousands march in protest.

Yes, it’s true. Well, the bit about me leaving that is. The protest marching thing may have been whimsical hyperbole, but I like to think you

The Level Clear Podcast Season 2

The Level-Clear Podcast Is Back!

Here we go again, folks! Yes, after a five-month hiatus the team here at Level-Clear is delighted to announce the return of The Level-Clear Podcast! Since we’ve