S2 Episode 75 – ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, We Got Him’

 This week, Pete gets his wrestling fantasy on in Fire Pro, Salty murders people in Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor - Martyr, and Nick stirs hype drinks

S2 Episode 74 – ‘The Non Kill List of People That Kill’

On this weeks show, the boys get all spoilery (at the end) over Spider-Man, Solo, and The Predator. Plus there’s talk of Devil May Cry V, Resident

S2 Episode 73 – ‘Killed the Podcast so that the Baby Could Live’

This week, the lads welcome Sean Bell on to the show. We discuss Richard Blackwood's bad zesting technique while reminiscing about Blockbuster rentals. Plus there's

S2 Episode 72 – ‘Invengers: Affinity War’

On this weeks show, Pete's off sick so Nick and Salty discuss their run at the Star Wars Destiny Nationals. Plus there’s talk of Destiny

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