S2 Episode 44 – ‘Epileptics Go Home’

This week, the boys prepare for the official LCU Royal Rumble and discuss Star Wars theories. Plus there's talk of Kingsman 2, King Arthur, new

S2 Episode 43 – ‘You Almost Lost A Customer’

On this week’s show, the boys welcome Mark AKA BornFree as their special guest. They have an in depth discussion about New York Comic Con

S2 Episode 42 – ‘World War 6: Mission To Moscow’ – EGX Special

This week, Nick regales the boys with tales of EGX including Star Wars Battlefront 2, Mario Odyssey and Detroit: Become Human. Plus there's talk of

S2 Episode 41 – ‘Something and Twelfty’

On this week’s show, the boys welcome Leon Cox of Cane & Rinse as their special guest. They discuss the Nintendo Switch and Moses being

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Level-Clear Plays – Nioh – The Salty Blind Run – Part 21

After a long wait, Salty's journey continues! Enjoy! Music: Nioh 仁王 | Main Theme x The Way Of The Warrior | Piano Cover | 니오 인왕 |

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John leaves Level-Clear. Thousands march in protest.

Yes, it’s true. Well, the bit about me leaving that is. The protest marching thing may have been whimsical hyperbole, but I like to think you

The Level Clear Podcast Season 2

The Level-Clear Podcast Is Back!

Here we go again, folks! Yes, after a five-month hiatus the team here at Level-Clear is delighted to announce the return of The Level-Clear Podcast! Since we’ve