S2 Episode 49 – ‘You’re Too Soft For This Game’

This week, the boys get Pete back in but now as a full time member! The Game Awards get discussed, along side all the excitement

S2 Episode 48 – ‘I’d Main Connery’

On this week's show, we welcome Pete Haynes back to give us sterling Switch recommendations and regale us with tales of his time in Assassins

S2 Episode 47 – ‘Is This A New Segment?’

On this week’s show, the boys go spoiler deep on Justice League. Plus, there is talk of Star Wars Battlefront 2, Marvel Heroes, Tekken 7,

S2 Episode 46 – ‘Space Paris’

On this week’s show, the boys have a massive (spoiler) argument over Thor, Wonder Woman and Split. Plus, there is talk of BlizzCon 2017, Pirates

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John leaves Level-Clear. Thousands march in protest.

Yes, it’s true. Well, the bit about me leaving that is. The protest marching thing may have been whimsical hyperbole, but I like to think you

The Level Clear Podcast Season 2

The Level-Clear Podcast Is Back!

Here we go again, folks! Yes, after a five-month hiatus the team here at Level-Clear is delighted to announce the return of The Level-Clear Podcast! Since we’ve