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Art by @GlareUsy (You should totally check her out!)

nick-profileNick Petrasiti  Director, Editor-in-Chief

Nick has been gaming ever since he could hold a controller. A passionate, hardcore gamer through and through, he sacrifices sleep to quench his thirst, and he’s had all his favourite series tattooed on his right arm.

Gamertag: Don Pedro X | PSN: Don_Pedro_X | Twitter: @DonPedroX




salty-profileSalty Odinson  Podcaster

Viking God sent to earth to game… but only when he’s got the time. Enjoys folk metal and long walks on the beach.

Gamertag/PSN: SaltyN7 | Twitter: @SaltyN7






Tuffcub has been writing video games news for over ten years and has also managed to have a number one album and sleep with lots of people’s dads. Probably yours. Sorry.

PSN: Tuffcub | Twitter: @Tuffcub




salty-profileEllie Rhodes  Podcaster

Ellie once stopped a bus full of children from crashing into the Thames. She is a hero to all.

Gamertag/PSN: TBC | Twitter: @elliejoypanic