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Pure Pwnage: Teh Movie

When I excitedly announced to my friends and colleagues last month that I’d be attending the London premiere of ‘Pure Pwnage: Teh Movie’; the blank stares I was met with caused me to despair a little.

In my opinion, Pure Pwnage was the funniest gamer-centric comedy to grace a dial-up modem in the early 2000’s. So you can imagine my excitement when following a hugely successful Indiegogo campaign in 2012, the film would be making a cast-hosted world tour, ending in a single London screening.

With Pwnerer bandanas and Gamer Army dog tags equipped, the show’s UK community (myself included) descended on Whitechapel’s Genesis Cinema for a long overdue fix of the Canadian mockumentary.

Pure Pwnage Movie

Thanks to the audience of dedicated fans, the atmosphere inside felt (appropriately) more like a group of friends crowded around a monitor, than strangers spread across an auditorium. The film’s abundance of decade-old in-jokes generated plenty of laughs, and surprise appearances from original cast members were met with nostalgic cheers. Importantly, the narrative avoided the common pitfall of playing out like an extended webisode, instead making for a properly cinematic experience.

But I felt like Teh Movie’s crowning achievement was how well it empathised with its audience. The acknowledgement that that the Pure Pwnage demographic had done a lot of growing-up since 2004 was encapsulated in the film’s characters; each changed in an all-too-familiar way by years of real-life responsibilities.

Jeremy is revealed early on to have dropped his gaming obsession, transferring his Counter Strike and StarCraft micro to calculators and Excel spreadsheets. And while it’s a brilliantly comic reveal, it’s also a painfully easy scenario to empathise with. Fortunately, the corporate lifestyle doesn’t stick, and the rest of the film is a feel-good flick about Teh Pwnerer’s triumphant return to form.

Pure Pwnage Movie

If filmmaker Geoff Lapaire’s intention was to remind his audience of just how much fun gaming with friends can be, then he can consider the Pure Pwnage movie a resounding success. I left the Genesis cinema that day feeling genuinely tempted to phone-in work sick for a week of noob pwning and monitor humping, and I’m certain I wasn’t the only one.

Between the pre-show meet-and-greet, post-show Q&A session, and the open invitation to join Geoff and Jarett for drinks, the guys really went above and beyond to make the day unforgettable for the fans.

I only hope that the success of the movie means we’ve not seen the last of the Jeremy, and that there’s plenty more Pwnage to come.

John Hatfield
There are two things in life John enjoys more than anything else: gaming and writing. In 2014 he decided to combine the two, and Level-Clear was born!

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