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The Diva X Hype-Train

With Project Diva X a mere two months away from its Japanese release, the Vocaloid-hype-train has hit maximum velocity here at Level-Clear! Hatsune’s sparkly, teal locomotive is speeding ever closer to its March 24th launch date, and the Internet is already abuzz with talk of new features, modules and that all-important track list.

Project Diva X

Personally, I’m pretty damn excited for it.

Unlike almost any other series, Project Diva titles have an uncanny ability to grab me to the point of dangerous obsession. For a few weeks at a time my Vita becomes part of the ‘essentials’ checklist I instinctively run through before leaving the house.

Keys? Check.

Wallet? Check.

Diva? Fuck yeah.

And before I know it, I’m furiously tapping away to Vocaloid 01’s signature, Japanese bubble-Pop whenever a spare five minutes presents itself. It’s one of those great pick-up-and-play experiences that hits you with a short, satisfying high and inescapable craving for ‘just one more go.’

Inevitably, I’ll burn myself out pretty fast and the urge to get jiggy with Miku and co. will subside as swiftly as it arrived. But the infectiously catchy nature of Vocaloid-synthed music leaves a lasting impression…
Between the high-tempo tunes, cutsie teen-idols and neo-futuristic aesthetic, the Vocaloid experience is a microcosm of modern Japanese-culture that’s impossible not to find utterly captivating.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva X

Granted, the music itself isn’t to everyone’s taste and even as a fan of the ‘genre’, there are a few tracks on the Diva f 2nd setlist which I’ve vowed never to suffer through again. But I feel like the handful of truly great tunes to tap along to have completely justified my purchase of a PS Vita. Even when I’m on a break and off playing something completely different, I still actively look forward to the Project Diva itch inevitably creeping back.

Rest assured, when Diva X releases in March we’ll be importing and reviewing the hell out of it, (and maybe the PS4 version later in the year too) so check back with us then for the Level-Clear verdict.

In the meantime, why not take a look at our Project Diva f 2nd review to help put yourself in the mood for more Miku.

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