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Witcher 3 Syndrome

Those of you who’ve listened to this week’s episode of The Level-Clear Podcast, may have heard us touch briefly on a very serious condition of which I’m unfortunately a sufferer. It’s called ‘Witcher 3 Syndrome.’

The chief symptom of W3S typically manifests during playthroughs of other, open-world adventure titles, when players feel the compulsion to set down their controllers, expel sighs of disappointment and indifferently mutter, “Well… it’s no Witcher 3.”

If you believe you might be affected, other side effects to look out for include: feelings of withdrawal following extended periods of not playing Gwent, spending numerous hours in other RPG’s character-creation systems attempting to recreate Geralt of Rivia, and blogging satirically on the internet about how great Wild Hunt was, almost a whole year after the game’s original release.

Witcher 3

In all seriousness, I feel like 2015’s Witcher 3 kind of broke subsequent RPGs for me. Since finishing Hearts of Stone last October, every other similar title I’ve touched has lacked the quality of story, depth of character and flow of combat that I felt made Witcher 3 such a joy to play.

Where my colleagues are hotly anticipating the likes of Dark Souls III, No Man’s Sky, and Street Fighter V; Wild Hunt’s ‘Blood and Wine’ DLC has me chomping at the bit far more than most sequels or new IPs on the market in 2016.

In the meantime for those of you out there who are suffering, I’d recommend a healthy dose of New Game Plus and a daily course of Gwent to be taken with meals of roast chicken legs and Alchohest.

John Hatfield
There are two things in life John enjoys more than anything else: gaming and writing. In 2014 he decided to combine the two, and Level-Clear was born!

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