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The Diva X Hype-Train

Hatsune Miku Prohect Diva x

With Project Diva X a mere two months away from its Japanese release, the Vocaloid-hype-train has hit maximum velocity here at Level-Clear! Hatsune’s sparkly, teal locomotive is speeding ever closer to its March 24th launch date, and the Internet is already abuzz with talk of new features, modules and that

Witcher 3 Syndrome

Witcher 3

Those of you who’ve listened to this week’s episode of The Level-Clear Podcast, may have heard us touch briefly on a very serious condition of which I’m unfortunately a sufferer. It’s called ‘Witcher 3 Syndrome.’ The chief symptom of W3S typically manifests during playthroughs of other, open-world adventure titles, when players

There’s Always a Lighthouse

Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth

Christ, I’m sick of indies. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not swearing off the things for good, I’m just taking a break. But you know when you’ve been playing the same kind of game for just a bit too long, and you get a real itch to do something completely different? That’s