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Street Fighter V: London Launch Event

Street Fighter V

Being so personally invested in the Fighting Game Community, attending the SFV UK launch event in London last week was a dream come true. There were only 50 tickets available to the public, all of which disappeared within seconds of release. So to actually get my hands on one was quite

Game of the Year Awards 2015

Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone

Yes, it’s that time again, folks! The time when we come together to ring in the new year, make merry and discuss the most important issue of the last twelve months: which one of the games we played was our favourite? So without further ado, we present our three Game

Metal Gear Solid: The End of an Era

Metal Gear Solid

"War. War has changed." Like most current fans of the franchise, I first became invested in Metal Gear back in 1998 with MGS1. For its time, the game was astonishing. Never before had I been so enthralled by a story, my mind blown by the depth of its characters, the revolutionary

Report From EGX 2015


It’s hard to believe it’s been another year already, but the triple-A giants and indies of gaming have spent the last four days showing off their latest creations at the UK’s biggest gaming event, EGX. Formerly known as Eurogamer expo, EGX has grown exponentially in size over the last few years,

Metal Gear Solid – Evolving to Survive and Thrive

Metal Gear solid Ground Zeroes

“As long as the times refuse to change, we’re gonna make a hell of a racket” – Big Boss, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Perhaps more so than any other franchise in recent years, Metal Gear Solid is littered with self-referential nods and acknowledgements. So it’s not unthinkable that this line,

Early Access: Ronin


Currently in the final stages of Steam early access, Ronin is a turn based, action platformer brought to us by indie developer, Tomasz Wacławek. And despite what it may look like, the in-game hints reassure us that it’s definitely “…not Gunpoint.” The player assumes control of a vengeful, helmet-clad heroine on

Early Access: Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

As a general rule, we tend not to feature games still in early access. One too many half-finished, half-broken indie releases, have somewhat put us off investing in titles that aren’t quite ready yet. But once in a blue moon, something comes along with a concept that’s just too enticing to

How To – ‘Goron Tunic Link’ Custom Amiibo

Custom Link Amiibo Red Goron

Remember E3 of last year when Nintendo first showed off their Amiibo prototypes? How fine the detail was, how elegant and unobtrusive the clear support stands were? Now remember all the compromises they had to make for the actual production run? Yeah. We weren’t exactly thrilled either. So here at Level-Clear,