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Report From EGX 2014

Egx London playstation

Formerly know as ‘Eurogamer Expo’, this September 25th through 28th saw London’s Earls Court Exhibition Centre play host to the UK's biggest annual videogame convention, ‘EGX London’. Showcasing everything from obscure Indies to triple-A giants, the event gave public and press the opportunity to get hands-on with some of the most

Top 10 IPs That Need New Sequels


With the new generation now in full swing, there’s an abundance of great titles from years gone by that are just crying out for sequels. Some of the luckier franchises make regular, glorious returns to the spotlight; Mortal Kombat, Metal Gear Solid, GTA and Resident Evil to name but a few.

P.T. The Silent Hills Reveal


Way back in February of this year, we published a small feature on the faults and foibles of modern-day survival horrors entitled: ‘Keeping Survival Horror Alive.’ The short of it, was that we felt the genre had lost its way in recent years, with series like Resident Evil being a prime

Early Access: Skara: The Blade Remains

Skara the blade Remains

Usually when it comes to reviewing games, the team here at Level-Clear will either get hold of a title on its launch day, or a publisher might be kind enough to send us one a couple of days in advance. In either case, we only ever tend to play releases

My First Day In Drangleic

It was less than three years ago that I began my first play through of ‘Dark Souls’. Four times in fact, I made the punishing journey from the Undead Berg to the Kiln of The First Flame. And in spite of all the countless times I died; be it killed

Report From EGX Rezzed 2014

Like any good convention, games-shows aren’t all about the size of the venue, or how big the names are. What’s important is a great atmosphere and plenty of quality entertainment; and this years ‘EGX Rezzed’ at Birmingham’s NEC, had both of these in spades. Plus, it gave the team here

Top 10 Game Mechanics

‘Game mechanics’ is a pretty broad subject. But whether exciting and innovative, or boring and repetitive, they’re one of the most important parts of any title. So here at Level-Clear, we’ve put together a list of ten mechanics; some which we love, and some which are just downright essential… 10 -

Ten Gems of the PS2 Generation

Sony’s PlayStation 2 turned fourteen years old yesterday. So what better way to celebrate, than a look back at ten of the greatest (and weirdest) titles ever to grace the platform?   1 - SSX Tricky Remember playing the first SSX and thinking, “this is good and all, but it’s just not ridiculous

Retro Retrospective: Tenchu Wrath Of Heaven

Alright, so perhaps it’s not quite old enough to be considered ‘retro’. But at eleven years old, Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven stands as one of the last generation's great examples of stealth-action gameplay done right. As the series’ third entry and first of Activision’s Edo-period stealth-em-up’s to grace the PlayStation 2,

Two Years Of Dragonslaying

This article was also featured on, here! It’s been just over two years now since Bethesda released their open-world, RPG epic: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Since then, a plethora of other, big-budget, triple-A titles have graced our screens; but Skyrim still manages to feature daily on Steams list of top