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You Can Now Kill Gary Busey In Hitman

Yes. Really.

In a recent online poll dubbed ‘Choose Your Hit’, Square Enix asked budding Hitmen who they would rather kill: Gary Busey or Gary Cole.

The results are now in, and unfortunately for Mr Busey, players are going to be hunting him down for the next six days!

Hitman Gary Busey

In a brand new Elusive Target mission called ‘The Wildcard’, players must hunt Gary though the heat-laden streets of Sapienza in the longest mission of this type yet. Gary Cole will be floating around the area too, but luckily for him, he’s not on 47’s list.

Earlier this week, Season Pass owners also received a nice surprise in the form of the ‘Summer Bonus Mission’ pack. The content includes two new hits: one set in Marrakesh where 47 has to thwart an important business deal, and the other set in Sapienza, where he must eliminate an actor on a Sci-fi film set.

The Summer Bonus Missions will be available to download separately later on in the Hitman Season.

You can check out the bizarre Busey mission briefing below.


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