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MGS3 Pachinko is Beautiful & Heartbreaking

Following last month’s announcement that Konami would be reducing the iconic Metal Gear Solid 3 to a themed pachinko machine, a trailer was released yesterday showing off 7 minutes of the pachislot’s gameplay.

MGS3 Pachinko Metal gear Solid

If you’re able to look past the nauseatingly sparkly overlays, the (presumably Fox Engine) rendered cutscenes beneath look truly stunning. Which only makes the fact that they’re buried inside a glorified one-armed bandit all the more infuriating.

That said, there’s clearly been a lot of work poured into recreating Snake Eater’s standout sequences, and surely Konami could make use of those assets in a full-on remake?

We can only speculate. But in the meantime, if you’re desperate to throw your hard-earned Yen at KPE, MGS3 Pachinko will be out exclusively in Japan this October.

You can watch the full, heartbreaking trailer below.


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