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Venom Snake Nendoroid

Everyone’s favourite Legendary Soldier is back, and this time, he’s on a mission to Fulton-extract our hearts!

 Venom Snake Nendoroid Review MGSV Metal Gear

As the latest addition to Good Smile Company’s Metal Gear Solid Nendoroid range, MGSV’s Venom Snake is the third character in the series to be adorably miniaturised.

But with plenty of other Phantom Pain collectables available, how does lil’ Venom stack up against his larger-scale counterparts?

The cutesy Mother Base Commander comes fully articulated, with joints at his elbows, shoulders, wrists, knees and even feet, to pose him in an impressive range of stances.

An interchangeable left leg allows him to be positioned in a codec-call-answering crouch; or for prone positions, the set includes a transparent wedge to keep his chest and oversized head off the ground.

As for his loadout, Snake comes equipped with a silenced pistol, assault rifle and three different types of bionic arm; including his signature red prosthesis, the yellow Stun Arm, and the black Bomb Arm. The latter two even feature their in-game icons minutely printed on the pieces’ plating.

There’s an interchangeable right hand which holds Venom’s Phantom Cigar, and another gripping his iDROID; which in our opinion, is the set’s stand-out accessory. The semi-transparent ‘projection’ from the handheld looks great when it catches the light, and there’s even a map layout printed on its top. This small injection of colour goes a long way towards breaking up the black of Venom’s midsection, and is our equipment of choice to display him with.

Of course, no right-minded Legendary Hero would leave base without a supply of Fulton recovery balloons, and the set does include one to extract other Nendoroids with. Alternatively, you could attach it to Venom himself for a taste of his own medicine…

 Venom Snake Nendoroid Review MGSV Metal Gear

Finally, buried inside the packaging is a flat pack cardboard box featuring Good Smile’s logo and shipping information. A few quick folds and some paper glue are all you need to make it ready for deployment.

Disappointingly, there are no alternative faces to choose from (like with Solid Snake and Raiden), so you’re stuck with Venom’s signature scowl unless you swap in one from another set. A ‘Man Who Sold The World’ face piece would have been a nice addition, but perhaps Good Smile will produce a whole new figure for that purpose.

For an RRP of around ¥5,000 (£35), Nendoroid Venom is a great collectable for any MGSV fan, and an adorable alternative to the more realistic Play Arts range.

He can be frustratingly fiddly to pose correctly (although that’s nothing unexpected for a figure of this scale) and we did find that making his crouch look natural was particularly tricky. But overall, there’s enough flexibility in the model to recreate the very best Metal Gear action stances.

The Venom Snake Nendoroid is already sold out from Good Smile directly but is still available to import from Play Asia. So hit the link below if you fancy bringing your own Little Boss home to Mother Base.


Venom Snake Nendoroid Play Asia

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