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S4 Episode 11 – ‘She’s Called Queen Elizabeth’

Youtube:  Everywhere else: The Level-Clear peeps are back for more gaming chatter! This week, the guys welcome Pete back on the show to discuss crying at video games, Horizon 2, Fortnite, Justice League and various other video game shenanigans. Pete on Twitter: @Pitwar Pete on Twitch:

S2 Episode 97 – ‘Cucumber Suprise’

Youtube:  Everywhere else: This week, Nick dives back into Overwatch, Tuff enjoys some BDSM and Salty tries Season 3 of Apex Legends. Plus, there's talk of Borderlands 3, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Jet Cave Adventure, Killer Queen Black, Fortnite, El Camino, Joker and much more! Fancy giving us a small donation? Chuck us