S2 Episode 81 – ‘Saturday Morning Kombat Kids’

This week, Nick and Salty get the fright of their lives as Tim reappears! Plus there's talk of MK11, Anthem, free games, Quantic Dreams, Apex Legends,

S2 Episode 80 – ‘Frothed My Emotional Hype Factor’ – 2018 Year in Review

It's a new year and the boys are back! This week, they welcome Leon Cox from Cane and Rinse, and TuffCub from The Sixth Axis onto the show

S2 Episode 79 – ‘Distracted By Pete’s Marriage’

This week, we celebrate the spirit of Christmas while Pete packs his bags. Plus there's talk of The Game Awards, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Mortal

S2 Episode 78 – ‘I Know He Did Bad, But It’s Still A Good Song’

This week, Pete is getting ready to leave, Salty is tired and Nick is forgetting things. Plus there's talk of new Tekken 7 characters, free

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