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Competitive Mode Changes & New Patch Coming To Overwatch

Hot off the back of yesterday’s new character announcement, Blizzard has dropped another Overwatch bomb on our gaming laps. Big changes are planned for the game’s competitive mode in order to stop those frustrating six-Torbjörn hunker-downs and multi-D.Va rushes!

Overwatch D.Va

In an interview with Gamespot, Scott Mercer (Blizzard principal designer) revealed that a one-hero limit would be implemented soon in Competitive Play, but wouldn’t be added to Quick Play.

Competitive mode is only a couple of weeks old but Blizzard is already working hard to make sure it’s the best possible experience for players. Another change that was mentioned was Sudden Death being removed from Competetive mode’s season 2, meaning matches can now end in a tie. How the rewards will be structured for this, is still being figured out.

In the same interview, the upcoming patch was also discussed, in which both D.Va and Zenyatta will be receiving buffs.
Mercer stated:

“There’s been a lot of talk in the community about how D.Va and Zenyatta felt a little bit underpowered, so we’re making changes to them. Zenyatta is getting a little more shields, and he goes a lot faster when he uses his Ultimate.”

“D.Va’s Defense Field, instead of clicking it and it lasting three or four seconds and having a long cooldown, it’s now something where you can toggle it on and off and there’s a meter that runs that.”

There’s no firm release date for the upcoming patch, but you can read the notes in detail here.

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