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Hello everyone, Nick here.

Myself, Salty and Tuffcub put our hearts and souls into making our show great, entertaining and somewhat informative (maybe not the last one so much haha).

And in order to push ourselves further, we need your support! We now have an official Patreon account where you can contribute and help us grow.

So please do…..



GOALS SUBJECT TO CHANGE – More info coming soon.

Current Goal:
$170 per month
This first milestone means we will finally be able to eat…. And also keep the site up and running!

Reward Tiers:

Level 1
$2 or more per month
You have our eternal gratitude!
No seriously, thank you so much for supporting us.

Level 2
$5 or more per month
You will be named, you will be thanked, you will be part of the empire!
Welcome to the club, new resident of the LCU. You will become cannon and we might talk about you a bit more in a nice or not so nice fashion depending on your preference. You can also pick your own name! Aren’t we nice?!

Level 3
$10 or more per month
Get access to the latest content as soon as its available!
You will get emailed with a private link so you can listen to the cast, before it goes up!

Level 4 – Sub Boss
$20 or more per month
You are quite important. We want you to know how important so basically you will get an elevated status amongst the LCU, the ability to chat with us directly via Discord, priority interaction via the cast, streaming and of course, playing games with us! When it also comes to choosing what we play for recordings or streams, we will consider you first!

Level 5 – Main Boss
$50 or more per month
Forever have your name chiseled in stone as the fan that helped elate Level-Clear to a new level (get it?).
You will get an entry on the site as a main contributor and MAYBE even your own LCU art! You will also receive a special Level-Clear T-Shirt for your troubles.

Secret Level – Super Secret Boss
$100 or more per month
We’ll DM you. Don’t worry, we’ll slide right in there!